Sunday, February 27, 2011

GM Finally in the Black

I see that General Motors has posted an impressive $4.7 billion in profits for 2010. This was the first profitable year since 2004 and the highest profits in more than a decade. Not bad for a company that was comatose and out of options when Obama chose to act. You will recall that Republicans, more ideological than practical, said that government could not possibly help the situation and demanded that it be dismantled and left to die. They must have forgotten that Chrysler received government aid during Reagan's tenure.

You can see the full story at The New York Times, and The New Republic.

Yet another huge company going under, with thousands of lost jobs? Precisely what Republicans want to see happen on a Democrat's watch. Ain't gonna happen.

And now how about some ovedue credit to the Obama administration, which has so far proved its Republican naysayers wrong? That won't happen either.

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