Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why the Rich Vote Republican

On March 23, I posted an article on the results of wage suppression and the shift in wealth from Main Street to Wall Street. Here is another revealing graph. Not sure you can see it well, but the vertical green line indicates the beginning of the Reagan Presidency. The blue line represents the average income in real terms, of the bottom 99% of all Americans; the pink line indicates the top 1%.

The effects of FDR's New Deal, beginning in 1935, vividly show how the American middle class was created.  The graph also shows how that same middle class has been squeezed in recent decades as conservative policies, such as outsourcing, hostility to unions, financial deregulation, an indifference to deindustrialization and other feckless trade policies, have dramatically stunted average income for the bottom 99% (a trend that began before Reagan) and have boosted average incomes for the top 1%, primarily through tax cuts, just as dramatically.

If you are the least bit willing to give your brain a chance, you must surely realize that Republicans are pushing policies to further undermine the middle class and shift ever more wealth to the very top.

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