Monday, December 12, 2011

Some Republicans Have Had Enough

Below is a video of former Bush speechwriter David Frum in an interview with Howard Kurtz of CNN. Frum is one of a small number of Republican operatives who are speaking out against their party's nuttiness and increasingly harsh and nonsensical policy prescriptions.

I welcome Frum's lonely effort to steer his party back to (relative) sanity and away from its asinine dance on the ideological precipice. Thoughtful Republicans have every right to be sickened by the buffoons getting all the attention in the presidential debates.

In the video, other media sources are labeled as "liberal." Frum says that Fox provided a welcome counterweight to that. This is an ironic statement coming from someone who worked at the Wall Street Journal, the official rag of the 1%. And does this mean that Fox is indeed a counterpoint to a media Fox mouthpieces laughably call left-wing? I thought it was "fair and balanced."

Fox CEO Roger Ailes himself has said the network has recently made a course correction away from the far right. This was, he says, a tactical decision in the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting early in the year when Ailes told his anchors and pundits to "tone it down".  Is this not the same criticism that progressives have been making about Fox for years? That it is not a real news organization, but a fear monger for low-info voters and a Republican cheerleader? Thanks for making our point, Roger.

The other networks are not truly liberal, not just because they have Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz at MSNBC. You do not get to claim a network is liberal just because it is less right-wing than Fox. The others, including MSNBC, are deeply mainstream and conventional.

I do not believe many viewers in America ever really see what the international community would consider leftist news commentary.

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