Friday, October 2, 2015

Crappy Carly

I hope everyone has heard just how crappy Carly Fiorina was when she ransacked HP back in the day. Her plunder was part of the Homeland Investment Act of 2004, a gift given by a Republican congress to corporate America, which promised jobs but enriched itself instead.  Along the way, Carly damaged HP's standing, laid off thousands, and did so poorly her board fired her, but not before giving her an amazingly undeserved golden parachute. And that, folks, is how the overclass takes care of itself. More on Trainwreck-Carly here.
"If you can’t afford to take care of Veterans, then don’t go to war." A little something to remember for those who assume, against the evidence, that it is patriotic Republican politicians who take care of those who serve and protect.
More evidence that the ACA does not hurt job growth. But you'd never know if you get your news from Fox.
I've said it before: Republicans have got nothing on Hillary Clinton regarding the Benghazi pseudo-scandal. They have even admitted it. Now bigmouth Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy, who thinks he is smooth enough to be the next Speaker, has gone further and, inadvertently perhaps, admitted not only that there is no evidence of misconduct--which is not news-- but that the intent from the beginning was to damage her politically. Fellow Republicans are not pleased.

Don't tell me you are surprised.
Just so you will know.  It is not the act per se, it is the hypocrisy of those who use their office, pulpit, or position to denounce others, invoke the name of one god or another, and pass laws that incriminate and imprison others for the same behavior.

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