Friday, September 10, 2010

Hanabusa for Congress

On Thursday I got myself down to the Hanabusa for Congress campaign HQ for some volunteer work. It was my first visit. I spent a few hours working the phones and generally enjoying myself. Colleen Hanabusa will hopefully take back Hawaii's first congressional district (HI-1), the one held for years by Neil Abercrombie and now held by Republican back-bencher Charles Djou.

It may seem improbable a Boehner yes-man would represent such a blue state as Hawaii, but remember, the Dems badly split the special election vote last May; the party establishment and DLC crowd leaned towards Blue Dog Ed Case, while the party rank and file, and what Robert Gibbs considers the "professional left" favored Hanabusa.

Hawaii generally does not have this much drama; Democratic candidates generally do well, and our two congressional districts had been blue for a long time. Abercrombie held HI-1 since 1991. This year is different. Given their track record, it is inexplicable why anyone would want Republicans back in control. But these are bizzare times.

You can visit Colleen Hanabusa's web site at Hanabusa2010.  Emily's List has a nice write-up on Colleen here.

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