Monday, September 6, 2010

More on the Catfood Commission

Here's some more background on the catfood commission and why we are inching towards oligarchy. First, Sabrina1 has some good commentary on the 18 members. The original article appears in Business Insider. Not surprisingly, corporate America is well represented, Wall Street in particular. Look through that list and see if you find anyone who is unequivocably for America's marginalized, poor, or handicapped. Any union members, farmers, or unskilled laborers? Main Street USA? You know, the very people who pay into SS and need it.  There is Andy Stern, that is one for labor, but even he is considering partial privatization.

It is breathtakingly obscene to see three things converging; the first is that most Republicans are insisting that social security, long thought to be an untouchable third rail, should be curtailed (if not outright repealed); second, these same people actually campaign on making the Bush tax cuts permanent; and the third is that most observers sense that Republicans may gain enough seats in November to regain control.
So, let's see: the argument is reduce SS benefits to help fight the deficit, though it would have no effect, and keep tax cuts for the rich, though doing so unequivocably will add deeply to that same deficit, and of course, the national debt. Bear in mind they are not implying this, and we are not inferring or reading between anyone's lines: Republicans are saying this explicitly; they are running on it.

These SOBs should be laughed out of the building, but they are dangerously close to returning to power. If that is not a motive to support Democrats, then our fate is sealed.

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