Monday, September 20, 2010

A Shady Past Matters Only if You're a Democrat

Karoli asks the question on the minds of many of us; "What do Florida Republicans see in Rick Scott?" The short answer why Scott has the inside track to be Florida's next governor is that he is perceived as a successful businessman, and who better to run a state than a rich businessman? An even shorter answer is he is the Republican candidate. That is all the reason some need, apparently.

It doesn't seem to matter to Florida Republicans that Scott was forced to resign from the giant health care provider, Columbia/HCA, in 1997, or that the company paid massive fines for fraud.

More recently, Scott created Conservatives for Patients Rights, one of the most visible of the anti-health care reform groups, and led the opposition to the health care reform bill. You surely saw the TV blurb his outfit ran incessantly in the runup to the health care vote.

So Rick Scott enriches himeself building up the giant Columbia/HCA, gets booted because of wholesale fraud at the company while he is CEO, and then tells us how we cannot trust government to play a role in health care.

Do Florida Republicans not care, or have they already forgotten?

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